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Beachside Property Rentals Keeps Property Investors Ahead of the Game

Beachside Property Rentals founder, Liz Malthouse, talks about their dedicated property management wherein they work with Investors, to ensure that they receive accurate data on any property that they are looking to purchase, rather than a sales person inflating the rental return so it looks good for the sale.

Beachside Property Rentals is purely a property management service provider based on the Sunshine Coast, which is dedicated to providing flexible property management support and personalised services to clients, and investors. They give regular rent reviews and inspection results to property owners, keeping them updated on the current status of their property. If you are looking for someone to look after your investment, and cares about your property.

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Mobile Property Management with Beachside Property Rentals

Liz Malthouse, owner of Beachside Property Rentals, shares how their mobile property management strategy works for their clients – both tenants and property owners. Liz also emphasizes why dedicated rental agencies like Beachside are better than mixed purpose real estate agencies.

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