Landlord’s Insurance is one of the most important purchases a property investor can make. It pays to make sure you get the right coverage for your property and talk to an advisor about the elements that you should not go without.

Why do I need Landlord Insurance if I have an agent?

Beachside Property Management at no time can guarantee your tenant’s performance. The risk belongs to the owner of the property, and therefore we highly recommend investors insure themselves adequately.

Why do I need Landlord Insurance if I have a good tenant?

Even a good tenancy can turn sour at any point in time. There are no guarantees.

If the tenant’s circumstances change, and their financial situation becomes unstable, this situation may result in rental default/s

What does Landlord Insurance cover?

Landlord insurance will cover you for rent loss due to tenant default and malicious damage to the property caused by the tenant.

It is important for you to know what your landlord insurance policy covers and more importantly what is does not cover.

Please consult with a professional advisor so that you are fully aware of the extent of your cover and also any excesses that may be applicable in the event of a claim.